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InSpirit: Center for Spiritual Living

What we believe

We believe that God is a loving Infinite Intelligence, operating through and as all of life, never separate from anyone or anything.

What we teach

We do this by teaching practical tools that grow out of the Universal Principles that life is good and that there is only one God common to all people. We celebrate that Love is Power. We know that as we awaken to our true Spiritual Nature, the world transforms.

The Community

InSpirit is a place that changes people’s lives and empowers them to connect with their spiritual nature, their unique and inherent talents, and creating meaning in their lives–thus creating a world that works for everyone.

Attend a Sunday Service

Join us on Sunday morning!

First service: 9:30 a.m.

Meditation: 10:35 to 10:45 a.m.

Second Service: 11:00 a.m.

Sunday School and Nursery Care

25782 Obrero Drive, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

  • June 7 ~ Transforming Consciousness

    “Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain.” ~ Tom Robbins

    Consciousness is the ability to understand the relationship of events sufficiently well to effectively manage and manipulate those events. Are we ready to take personal responsibility in order to transform our consciousness?
    This Sunday, Rev. Sandy will explore the numerous opportunities for Transforming Consciousness.
    Join us this Sunday in a new consciousness that will transform the world.

    Practitioner and Minister Graduating Ceremony

  • June 14 ~ The Colors of Authentic Power

    Gratitude Sunday

    “You have that within you which is ever impelling you toward the upward and advancing way; and that impelling something is the divine Principle of Power; you must obey it without question.” ~ Wallace D. Wattles

    Our very own, Rev. Bill Salisbury will share his message this Sunday about The Colors of Authentic Power

    Exploring that Power within and revealing it to its full capacity is what we are all here to do.  Allow yourself to be that colorful tapestry of life as you express more Good and more God.

    Authentic power is building something inside you which you cannot lose and that no one can take from you. ~ Gary Zukav

    Join us Sunday in celebration of life!

  • June 21 ~ Claiming Your Power

    Father’s Day – Musical Inspiration:  Michael Olivieri

    Healing Sunday 

    Don’t be afraid to discover who you really are!  Go for it.  If you feel doubtful, Claim Your Power !  If we doubt our power, we give power to our doubt.

    This Sunday, Rev. Sandy will empower us with the tools to stand in our power and claim our good.  We are made to be magnificent and achieve those desires that we are passionate about.

    Join us Sunday and remember who you really are and reveal more of your greatness.  Love is the answer and we are the ones to demonstrate it.

  • June 28 ~ Moving from Wanting Power to Being Power

    “The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.”― Mahatma Gandhi

    Our teaching states that we come into this experience of life with a Power and Presence that is Good.  There is no need to want Power, for it already exists within us.  If we step into the consciousness where we are Moving from Wanting Power to Being Power then we are exercising our Divine birthright of what already IS.

    Join Rev. Sandy this Sunday, as she imparts the wisdom of the ages that definitively states the power we possess.  Celebrate your greatness and come home to InSpirit.

    Musical Inspiration:  Gratitude Choir

    Prayer Wall Sunday

Moving From Wanting Power to Being Power

by Rev. Sandy Moore